MS108: Artist Managers with Rick Barker

This episode of Music Stuff looks at the world of Artist Managers with an interview with Rick Barker; music industry and artist development expert and first manager to Taylor Swift.

Artist Managers

When you think of Recording Artist Managers, you may have an image of Col. Tom Parker (Elvis), Brian Epstein (The Beatles), or just some “fat cat” leaning back in a plush leather chart, feet up on the desk, a big cigar coming out of his mouth, shouting dollar figures to some poor sap on the phone. But do you wonder what they do? I know, I know, they manage artists! Yeah, but what does that mean. Well, I sat down with Rick Barker and talked about what artists managers do. Rick has been at the forefront of the music industry in Nashville, managing and developing artists, consulting for Big Machine Records, and was the first manager for Taylor Swift.

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