New Episodes Coming Soon

I’m Still Standing…

Greetings my friends! I want to first apologize for not having any new episodes over the past month and a half. As many of you know, I produce this podcast alone and believe it or not. The process is quite time consuming so as a result, I’m not able to pump out episodes as often as most podcasts (yet) or as often as I’d like. And since I have yet to generate any revenue from this show, I must prioritize those money making endeavors over the podcast. I do hope that will change in the future. Anyway, I haven’t stopped! I’m still standing! (Do you like my Elton John reference? I’m just excited that the family and I are going to see him in October!)

New Episodes Ready Ready For Release

I am super excited for the next round of episodes, however! I have several new episodes ready to release, including a fascinating interview with Raul Malo from the Grammy Award winning band, The Mavericks. It’s the first in what will hopefully become a series of “Tour Stories” episodes; where I chat with recording artists about experiences they have on the road. In my sit down with Raul, he talks about his experiences while performing and filming the PBS documentary, Havana Time Machine, in Havana Cuba. As a Cuban-American, Raul had a unique perspective and take-away from the trip. I’ll be releasing his episode this coming Wednesday, May 9th! You won’t want to miss it!


Thank you to those listeners that have reached out with compliments and comments. I really do welcome the feedback. I especially want to hear from you with your episode topic ideas. The music world is quite broad and there may be something you’d like to know more about that I may not think of. Please don’t hesitate to hit me up on social media, or simply go to my Contact page and shoot me a message.